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Signing Time

My family has always been interested in sign language. When my littlest sister was a baby, we taught her a few signs such as please, thank you, more and all done. Now that we have another baby, we want to teach him some sign.

Some friends of ours have a video series called “Signing Time”. They are mostly geared to older children, but there are two that are specifically for babies. We got “Baby Signing Time” vol. 1 at a discount from Joyful Home Resources and are planning on getting some more. On the Baby Signing time videos they show babies doing the signs as well as what the sign means. There are repetitive songs to help you learn the sign. My sisters love them. After seeing it once they begged to watch it again and again! We can’t wait to get more!

Posted on March 31, 2006 by Jordan in: family