Core Skills Activity #9: Text

Mark Newhouse

Prospective Student Resources

Admission Requirements

High School Curriculum

Students who graduated from high school after 1991 and who desire to attend must have completed a preparatory course of study, including the following:

Four years (units), emphasizing composition/literature.
Three years (units), selected from elementary algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, college or advanced algebra, or calculus. It is strongly recommended that students take mathematics up to at least trigonometry.
Biological/Physical Science
Three years (units), that meet either state or local graduation requirements, selected from biology, chemistry, and physics, including one laboratory experience.
World History
One year (unit).
Additional Courses
Four years (units), chosen from at least two of the following: history, English, mathematics beyond intermediate algebra, laboratory science, foreign language, social science, and fine arts.
Two years (units) recommended, which must be of the same language (only required if English is your native language).

Test Scores

Applying Students must be in the 90th percentile for all categories of an approved national test. Send us email at if you need more information about national tests.


Because of the extreme environment, all students must pass an extreme wilderness survival class. These classes are sponsored by U of A. For more information, visit our extreme survival page.

Enrollement Information

Because of the unique nature of our university, enrollment is only allowed once a year. Applications are due January 1 of the year you are applying for. The applications are then reviewed and letters of acceptance are sent out March 1. Classes begin the first Monday of December. Students are expected to arrive between November 25 and November 30. Classes run until the 1st of November. Students must remain on campus for the duration. (Our campus is all of Antarctica).

Cost of Attendance

Because of the remote location of our campus, all costs of attendance are included in the tuition cost. This includes all food, room and board, class fees, activity fees, expedition fees, etc.

Tuition for 1 year - $63,450.

Degrees Offered

We also offer an independent research program which allows you to customize your curriculum.

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