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Core Skills Activity #7: Navigation

Mark Newhouse

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About this page

This page uses CSS positioning for layout of the page. Numerous visual cues are included in the context of the page to help the user orient herself as to where she is in the heirarchy of the web site itself. For non-sighted users, this structure of the document was taken into consideration. The content is the first part of the document, so it is read first. The navigation links are grouped logically, and appear in a logical order at the end of the document so there is little need for multiple tabbing to move through the links. This also helps those with motor disabilities, as the tab order remains the same for them as well - links within the context of the main content are the first links that are tabbed to. Then the "Breadcrumb" links, followed by the secondary navigational links that appear on the right, and finally the main navigational links.

This technique (hopefully) eliminates the need for a "skip navigation" link that jumps right to the content of the site.

Known Issues

This page requires the use of the latest browsers: IE5+, Netscape 6+/Mozilla based or Opera 5+ to see the layout. Also, setting the text size to Largest in Win/IE5+, or scaling the text way up in MacIE5+ (and likely other browsers...) will cause parts of the layout to overlap. this could be an issue for users with poor eyesight who increase the size of the text on their monitors.


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