Core Skills Activity #3: Graphics

Mark Newhouse

The assignment - after.

The current page - before.

I chose to rework a page that I put together at work. I had used correct markup (alt text, etc.) for the most part. However, having heard a similar page via Jaws, I realized that I could do away with some of the alt text, giving them empty tags, as they were too repetitive (they were the small logos in the top and bottom right corners of the page, and the small logos used as bullet points in the list of links). I also added a rollover effect for the image that links to AURA, inc. at the bottom right of the page (for purposes of the assignment).

The image map at the top of the page should really be turned into a combination of text and images. At somepoint in the near future I hope to do that on the actual page. For now it remains as an image map. I did change its alt text to be more accessible, and added alt text to the image map areas (which had title text but not alt text before. My bad...).